Glass to Power

A revolutionary patent, the result of years of research with the aim of increasing the eco-sustainability of buildings, without compromising their aesthetics.

Our technology applied to the glass industry makes it possible to turn the façades in insulating glass active and photovoltaic. The Glass to Power transparent photovoltaic insulating glass is among the most interesting and promising BiPV solutions, as it allows to produce energy on usually passive building surfaces.

Finestra Fotovoltaica Trasparente

Transparent Photovoltaic

From Nanoparticles to Photovoltaic Glazing

The key-steps of the exclusive Glass to Power process: from the production of nanoparticles derived from inorganic components, to the assembly of the transparent photovoltaic glazing.

Photovoltaic Insulating Transparent Glass

Transparent photovoltaic insulating glass units are essential components in the creation of highly innovative curtain walls, capable of producing electricity by exploiting solar radiation.

Glass to Power windows are among the most interesting BIPv (Building Integrated Photovoltaics) innovations of the moment, because they are a decisive step forward towards the energy independence of buildings, preserving the aesthetic characteristics and functionality of curtain walls.

Laboratorio Glass to Power

Glass to Power

Glass to Power is a University of Milan Bicocca Spin-off, that was born from the scientific interest of Professors Sergio Brovelli and Francesco Meinardi and from the intention of Management Innovation, a scouting and consulting company for technological innovation, of transfer this extraordinary innovation to the business world. In this way, some important players in the world of industrial and financial patents have gathered around this business idea and the new company took shape, acquiring the exclusive license of the patents, with the aim of developing all the industrial research activity necessary to quickly create an industrial product.

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LSC - Concentratori Solari Luminescenti

Awards and Acknowledgments

    • 2016 R&D Award- Washington D.C.
    • 2016 SetteGreen Award- Milan.
    • 2017 Special award of the Italian Chamber of Commerce for Switzerland and Gold Medal with the particular appreciation of the 45th International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva jury.
    • 2017 Finalists at the Gaetano Marzotto Prize, Marzotto Venture category.
    • 2018 Unicredit Start Lab. Mentorship path and participation in the Unicredit Startup Academy.
    • 2018 Open Innovation for Circularity Award by Cariplo Factory and the American Chamber of Commerce in Italy.
    • 2019 Innovation Business Award in the Energy and Environment category of ANGI.

Technical Assistance in Project Management

Our team of experienced engineers and technicians is available to customers already in the project phase, to identify and size the best BIPV solutions.

Transparent Photovoltaic Glazing

An absolutely revolutionary product, capable of projecting buildings into a careful and eco-sustainable future. The best opportunity to make vertical structural surfaces active.

Complete assistance in every phase of the project

Glass to Power supports the customer in the installation, assembly and testing phases. During the entire life cycle of the product it will be possible to take advantage of technical assistance.

Glass to Power listed on the Stock Exchange at EuroNext

At the end of an excellent five-year journey as one of the most awarded and financed start-ups in Europe, Glass to Power establishes itself as a high-profile innovative company, listing on the EuroNext Paris stock exchange.

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