New study tour at the “Glass to Power” company in Rovereto

On November 24, 2021, researchers from Eurac Research visited Glass to Power, a Trentino company that offers solutions for curtain walls and photovoltaic insulating glass roofs.

Eurac Research on Tour at NanoFarm Glass to Power

Marina Gemmi, sales director, together with Stefano Della Puppa, technical director, illustrated the technology. The nanoparticles, produced by Glass to Power, are dissolved in transparent polymeric plates, then inserted into a double glazing. The nanoparticles guide the infrared present in the sunlight towards the edge of the plate where the photovoltaic cells, that perform the photoelectric conversion, are installed. This was followed by an interesting visit to the laboratories where Luca Mariani, who deals with research and development, explained the production process of the nanoparticles that represent the core of Glass to Power technology.

The topics discussed with Eurac Research experts (Elena Lucchi, Jennifer Adami, Martina Pelle and Lorenzo Forlin) are very interesting: the technical aspects of product performance and durability, the regulatory aspects relating to certification and installation as well as the economic, social and environmental aspects related to the return on investment