Wavelength shifters (WLSs) for application in high energy physics experiments

Glass to Power is establishing itself as a manufacturer of wavelength shifters (WLSs) for light detection application in high energy physics experiments.

The WLSs developed in a joint in collaboration with INFN Milano Bicocca, exploit the unique optical properties of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) to deliver excellent performances and can be tailored with a wide variety of emitters to match the customers’ needs.

Glass to Power’s WLSs were confirmed up to 30% more efficient than the industry benchmark in independent experiments conducted by INFN Milano Bicocca and CIEMAT. The same experiments showed that our WLSs product can be safely operated in cryogenic environments.

Currently, our WLSs are being validated in the protoDUNE setups as a key component in world’s leading high energy physics experiments such as DUNE (Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment) which aims to probe the fundamental neutrino properties, and to capture neutrino from Supernovae. This by operating a sophisticated system of huge size particle detectors, located upstream and 1300 km downstream the Long Baseline Neutrino Facility at FERMILAB (US).

Wavelength shifters
Wavelength shifters