Disposal and End-of-Life

Innovative research paths and Glass to Power products help to create clean energy. In particular, the transparent and insulating photovoltaic glazing is revolutionary, as it allows buildings to obtain electricity from usually passive surfaces.

Glass to Power’s vision is constantly projected towards the future. As regards the activities present, in compliance with current regulations, G2P has joined the Ecolight Consortium, to decide in advance what the procedures for safe disposal and recycling of photovoltaic glass components will be, at the end of their life cycle.

The National Ecolight Consortium is a non-profit institution that deals with the management of the value of various special waste. A concrete step in planning and shaping an eco-sustainable future, in which the disposal and recycling of photovoltaic components also become positive factors.

Italy is among the countries that have invested the most in photovoltaics. Glass to Power fits into this virtuous context with a product that offers a new wide range of opportunities to builders and designers, proposing the photovoltaic integrated in the building. Joining the Ecolight consortium, in view of the arrival of transparent photovoltaic glass on the market, makes it possible to establish decades in advance the guidelines that regulate the reuse of the value of active components in the production of clean energy.

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