In March 2018, a further capital increase was approved based on a valuation carried out by BDO which certifies the value of the company at € 9M. The capital increase, carried out in crowdfunding starting from May 2018, was completed in 50 days, raising € 2,250,000, bringing the post-money value to € 11,250,000. The company is transformed into a SpA and each share has a nominal value of € 1 and a share premium of € 24.

Shareholders’ equity is € 2.850.000 (of which € 450,000 of nominal capital and € 2.400.000 in the share premium fund). This second crowdfunding campaign set the Italian 2018 record for crowdfunding collection. A capital increase was approved in May 2017.

Glass to Power is valued at € 1.5 million, with a ratio of shares of 1 to 5, bringing the shareholders’ equity to € 600.000 (of which € 360.000 of share capital and € 240.000 in the share premium fund). 10.9% of the equity, equivalent to € 183,750, was made available to new shareholders for crowdfunding. The campaign was launched on July, 6 and, after less than two weeks, the target was successfully reached. The post-money value of the company is therefore 1,8 M€.


After the crowdfunding campaign, Glass to Power has 55 new shareholders.

Among them: Pasquale Longobardi 3%, Valerio Orlando 2%, Caterina Abbracciavento 1%, Maurizio Naitana 1%, Gabriele Salemi 1%, Dario Tognazzi 1%.

Net capital 600 K€

Initial Shareholders

(September 2016)

Core Shareholders

Share of 20% equally divided among University of Milano Bicocca, Management Innovation Srl, Francesco Meinardi and Sergio Brovelli.

Funding Shareholders

Karma Srl 25%, Industrie De Nora 25%, TEC Srl 10%, Angelo Giuliana 8%, Francesco Limatola 6%, Lucio Sassone Corsi 4%, Michele Mauri 2%.

Initial capital 300 K€