LSC | Solar Luminescent Concentrator

The technology developed by Glass to Power foresees the use of nanoparticles as chromophores in which, thanks to an appropriate engineering, the complete decoupling of the absorption and emission process of light is obtained. In this way, prototypes have been created with good electricity generation efficiencies, which allow the production of customized modules. Furthermore, these LSCs are essentially colorless, a prerequisite for their simple architectural integration. The colorimetric analysis has in fact demonstrated that our nano composites do not distort the transmitted light and do not modify the chromatic perception in the indoor-to-outdoor vision. In conclusion, it is now possible to create stable, non-polluting and highly efficient LSCs with large surfaces, ready for their insertion in double glazing for photovoltaic windows. Glass to Power’s double glazing also performs thermal and acoustic insulation at the same time. The thermal insulation characteristics of the double glazing make it possible to reduce the size of the air conditioning units and the relative aeraulic ducts.

Energy independent buildings, zero impact on aesthetics and high living comfort.