Total Transparency

Glass to Power technology makes it possible to develop low-impact photovoltaic double glazing that can be easily architecturally integrated into passive buildings, resulting practically invisible both from the outside and from the inside. Furthermore, the degree of transparency of the LSCs can be determined during the production phase according to the customer’s needs, to obtain the best compromise between absorbed energy and quantity of light for indoor lighting. The slightly amber color in different shades offers greater visual comfort, thanks to the reduction of UV rays. The quality of the transmitted light, according to UNI 10380 certification, is placed in group 1A, that of the highest quality sources suitable for lighting homes, graphic studios, hospitals, etc. Furthermore, as demonstrated by the Farnsworth-Munsell 100 test, Glass to Power’s innovative LSCs do not alter the perception of colors when looking through a photovoltaic double glazing.

Energy-independent buildings, zero impact on aesthetics and high living comfort.