The first technical-commercial collaboration agreement between SICIS and Glass to Power was signed today and it will regulate an exclusive relationship for the next three years.

The objective of the agreement is the creation of an innovative photovoltaic product, combining the skills of Glass to Power in the production of nanoparticles for the development of transparent photovoltaic panels and the know-how of SICIS in the creation of decorative and technological surfaces in large glass Vetrite® sheets. The final product, in fact, in addition to being a transparent photovoltaic product will have the particular characteristic of being also decorative and thus fully responding to the architectural needs of the moment, at the same time differentiating itself from a glass or transparent photovoltaic glazing.

Following the achievement of the product certification, the CE marking and the production scale-up in the NanoFarm industrial plant in Rovereto, Glass to Power is projected towards new applications of nanoparticles to offer to a constantly growing market, in collaboration with one of the the most exclusive Italian companies in the high-end upholstery and design sector.

SICIS continues the Research & Development of Vetrite® by integrating Glass to Power’s nanoparticles into it.

The result is a 100% Made in Italy SICIS-G2P decorative photovoltaic panel.

Through the collaboration, Glass to Power and SICIS will also commit to carry out innovations on the product in terms of aesthetics and efficiency and to file any new patents.

SICIS, established 34 years ago, produces contemporary luxury mosaics, innovative coating products, furniture collections and interior decorations. In addition, it has created a platform dedicated to design, which deals with the development of the collections of mosaics, fabrics, upholstery and original decorations and thanks to which each project can be completely customized and followed in every phase of execution. All productions and processes are entirely Italian and are characterized by excellent quality and an inimitable style, thanks to the focus on cutting-edge technology and attention to know-how.

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