What are Quantum Dots?

Quantum Dots are inorganic semiconductor nanocrystals with dimensions ranging from units to tens of nanometers (about one thousandth of the size of a human hair). Quantum Dots can absorb light and re-emit it at wavelengths (or colors) dependent on their size.

High level of customization

By modifying the size of Quantum Dots, you can achieve every shade of the electromagnetic spectrum. Imagine the power to create vivid and brilliant colors that perfectly suit your needs. Thanks to our advanced chemical surface modification techniques, Glass to Power’s Quantum Dots find applications in various sectors, from photovoltaics to monitors/displays, from sensing to biomedical.

What Glass to Power Offers

  • Direct Sales for Businesses and Research Institutes: Glass to Power offers high-quality Quantum Dots, produced in the Nanofarm in Rovereto (Trento), directly to businesses and research institutes. Step into the future of nanotechnology with our reliable and high-precision products.
  • Technical Development Support: if your company is ready to explore the world of nanoparticles, Glass to Power is here for you. We offer our support to companies interested in the technological development and scaling up of their nanomaterials production processes.

Why Choose Glass to Power?

  • Superior Quality: our Quantum Dots are produced with high-quality standards to ensure exceptional results.
  • Constant Innovation: we are constantly evolving to bring the latest innovations in the field of nanotechnologies to the market.
  • Customized Support: our team is ready to provide you with comprehensive support to meet your needs.
Quantum Dots PL (nm)QYSolubilitySupply
CIS (CuInS2ZnS)580-80030%-60%Non-polar organic solvents
(toluene, hexane)
- In solution
- Batch mg to grams*
Perovskites (ABX3)415-70070%-90%Non-polar organic solvents
(toluene, hexane)
- In solution
- Batch mg to grams*

*Specific quantities upon request.

Immediate availability from stock.


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