Today, the day of the summer solstice, the partnership agreement between La Tecnica nel Vetro and Glass to Power was signed in Scafati, in the province of Salerno, creating a strategic relationship valid for the future.

The agreement’s objectives are the production and marketing of insulating glass for structural glass facades with integrated photovoltaic devices. The revolutionary glazing, capable of producing clean electricity from the sun’s rays, will be assembled at La Tecnica Nel Vetro and will use the nanoparticles created in the Glass to Power laboratories. The result is an offer that anticipates the integration of photovoltaics in glass building projects, transforming buildings into green and sustainable energy producers.

Glass to Power and La Tecnica nel Vetro are now engaged in the evolution of the product in terms of aesthetics and efficiency, guaranteeing structural functionality and insulation characteristics hand in hand. The two companies aim to exceed the quality standards imposed by certifications and market demand, through careful calibration of the entire production process and constant quality control steps. The product can be made to measure, at the service of the most ambitious project needs, ready to establish itself as an added value in the construction and renovation of buildings. The collaboration between La Tecnica nel Vetro and Glass to Power also includes various research and development activities on the use of photovoltaics integrated into glass, both nationally and in Europe.

La Tecnica nel Vetro SpA, founded in 1999, is a technological and innovative industry, a leader in the industrial processing of flat glass. The products designed by La Tecnica Nel Vetro are used for important building works all over the world. Thanks to substantial investments in technology and a know-how strongly oriented towards customization, La Tecnica nel Vetro has seen its business expand considerably throughout Europe and North America, also through active commercial offices in the USA and Canada. Constantly active on research and development projects, La Tecnica Nel Vetro has always been careful to anticipate the needs of the structural flat glass markets, consolidating its position in Italy and in the world.

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