After four years of R&D and engineering activities, we have finally completed the certification process of our transparent photovoltaic glazing. It is a very important result that will enable us to start the production and commercialization of our product. We are ready to sign a lot of agreements and partnerships and we are now certain that our turnover will grow rapidly during 2021. Meanwhile, R&D will continue to continuously improve the product and its performances.

Our nanoparticle plant is today the most important European facility in the production of CIS-based nanoparticles and we will proceed with its scale-up and with the production of increasingly performing nanoparticles. Important industrial and commercial partnership agreements are now being finalized.

To tackle the last mile and get to the market it is necessary to make a final capital increase that will lead us to the listing on the Euronext Paris stock exchange, and, if we are good soon enough, on the “growth” listing instead of “access +” in order to ensure greater liquidity to our shares.

The capital increase will take place through crowdfundingon the Opstart platform and it will consist of a minimum collection of 1M € and a maximum collection of 5M €. It will start around mid-February, once all the procedures after the Shareholders’ Meeting, scheduled for the 1st of February, will have been successfully completed. All those who acquire shares within the first month of crowdfunding will be offered a discount price of € 40, 20% lower than the actual value set at € 48. The capital increase will be open until the end of April but it may be extended for a few more weeks. Starting from June, the technical listing procedure on the Euronext stock exchange will be launched.

The warrant modelis also interesting, since it will bring an additional advantage to both current and new shareholders.

It is a very important and delicate moment for the growth of G2P. We ask for the utmost support from all our shareholders and all those interested in our extraordinary sustainable innovation!