Vetrai Italiani for Glass to Power

Transparent photovoltaics was the topic covered by Vetrai Italiani’s newsletter released in October. Ample space was dedicated to Glass to Power with a detailed in-depth article (the full version is available here).

Vetrai Italiani, a reference network for the world of glass and a sharing tool, is a community born in 2019 as a Facebook group dedicated to all those who are part of the glass sector, starting from glassmakers, entrepreneurs, artisans, up to designers. The group was founded with the intention of creating a platform that enables discussion on current issues, innovation and regulations.

The long article covers Glass to Power’s main phases, from its foundation in 2016 as a spin-off of the University of Milan Bicocca, to the implementation of the NanoFarm project, with its cutting-edge laboratories in Rovereto, to achieving the energy efficiency record of the photovoltaic windows, up to the first energy certification tests of the double glazing unit.

The technical features of the transparent photovoltaic module in insulating glass are also listed in detail. The versatility of Glass to Power’s products is highlighted, the possibility of creating any shape and size and its use in various architectural elements, such as fixtures, sun screens, canopies, winter gardens, verandas or sunshades.

The applications of photovoltaics in Italy offer enormous potential. According to the data provided by Massimo Giambruni of Vetrai Italiani, in Italy the surface of the available roofs facing south east west is approximately 370 million square meters, while that of the facades is over 200 million square meters. If these spaces were covered by photovoltaic solar panels, it would be possible to produce around 130 twh / year, equal to the annual electricity consumption of over 30 million households.

In this context, the transparent photovoltaic panel patented by Glass to Power, which can be easily integrated at an architectural level, constitutes a disruptive product, with a high potential in the Italian and international scenario.