Signed agreement between Glass to Power Spa and Notredame Srl

Signed agreement between Glass to Power Spa and Notredame Srl


Glass to Power Spa and Notredame Srl have signed an agreement for the development of a research project on the integration between electricity production technology from the conversion of solar radiation and the technology for controlling and managing heat and light flows.

The two-year agreement will allow the two companies to work in synergy on the following lines:

– Integration of knowledge, working methods and reasoning habits

– Research activity to increase the innovative aspect of photovoltaic glass windows and facades in the building sector and increase the competitiveness of the product

– Acceleration of the placing on the market of technology through new forms of use deriving from integrated collaboration.

Notredame Srl, former technological start-up of the incubator of the University of Calabria, was founded in 2009. The high-tech company operates in the application field of nanosciences and nanotechnologies with the aim of developing innovative research and promoting the use of high-tech products in the energy saving sector. The technology developed by Notredame allows the transformation of normal windows into electrochromic windows, thus enabling the control of the flow of light and heat that passes through the windows without the need to make changes to the buildings. This can help to significantly reduce the energy impact of buildings.

Glass to PowerSpA is a spin-off of the University of Milan Bicocca founded in September 2016 with the aim of industrializing transparent photovoltaic windows, an innovative product based on the technology of Luminescent Solar Concentrators (LSCs). Glass to Power’s technology allows to create windows that will generate between 30 and 50 W per square meter without any aesthetic impact on the buildings in which they will be installed and it is compatible with the manufacturing processes of thermally insulated double glazing units and, therefore, particularly suitable in Zero-Energy Buildings, that is, buildings that are autonomous from an energy point of view, as required by European legislation (directives 31/2010/EU and 2012/27/EU), which will come into force in 2020. Glass to Power has launched a capital increase that, starting form an evaluation of the company of 30 million euros, will allow to raise 8 million euros by June 30th 2020.


Milan, 15th April 2020