RENATA Renewable-eNergy micro-grid integrAtion for the net plus cogniTive innovAtive buildings

The RENATA project is part of the European Green Deal context. RENATA’s mission is to demonstrate that adopting an integrated approach of innovative existing solutions with greener architectural design provides the best path to meet international commitments on climate change and the decarbonisation of energy and construction. By achieving this vision, RENATA will begin the search for multiple strategies, including the development and integration of new technologies and practices at affordable costs, the revision of building codes and sustainable materials, the integration of renewable energies in building projects and the adoption of innovative strategies for the use of energy and resources in neighborhoods. In this way, RENATA provides a basis for achieving the final goal of NPEB (Net Plus Energy Buildings) and the creation of Green Energy Communities (GECO).

Project description

Glass to Power will supply LSC panels of various sizes from 50×50 cm to 150 x 200 cm in different pilot installations, integrating its technology with those of the partners towards the goal of a positive energy balance.

Project details

  • Partner: DS Tech
  • Date: 2021
  • Category: Environmental sustainability, renewables, green architecture


  • Coordinator: DS Tech
  • Partner: Glass to Power