NanoFarm Project

The NanoFarm project aims at carrying out an industrial research directed to the development of a production system of  Silicon and Copper and Indium disulfide in reasonable quantities. These nanoparticles, properly characterized and optimized in their optical and energetic efficiency, will be the technological enabler of an industrial production of transparent photovoltaic windows finestre, where they are incorporated.

Description of the project

From this research project we expect to obtain results directed to demonstrate the technological feasibility and economic validity of a production system of nanoparticles, based on Silicon and Copper and Indium disulfide Silicio of the quality and efficiency expected, in significant quantities for industrial purposes.

Details of the project

  • Institution: Autonomous Province of Trento
  • Date: 31st May 2017
  • Category: Nanoparticles, Luminescent Solar Concentrators
  • Website:


  • Research entity 1: University of Trento- Laboratory of NanoScience
  • Research entity 2: University of Milano Bicocca- Department of Materials Science