liveEPositive building and renovating in an energy and resource efficient way

The livEPositive project is part of the European Green Deal context. The ambition of livEPositive is to test innovative technologies and processes for the construction of Positive Energy Buildings (PEBs) in 7 large demonstration sites, taking into consideration the complexity of their integration in the urban environment and in the socio-economic context. livEPositive brings together important industrial partners, eager to innovate the construction sector by developing new technologies for the use of renewable energy, investors and companies that can contribute to a change in the corporate paradigm, research institutions able to facilitate the design and use of these innovative technologies, local authorities that can develop, implement and monitor urban sustainability plans.

Project description

Glass to Power will supply LSC panels of various sizes from 50×50 cm to 150 x 200 cm in various pilot installations, integrating its technology with those of the partners towards the goal of a positive energy balance.

Project details

  • Partner: EURAC
  • Date: 2021
  • Category: Environmental sustainability, renewables, green architecture


  • Coordinator: EURAC
  • Partner: Glass to Power