Our Team

Sergio Brovelli

President Scientific Committee

Associate Professor in Experimental Physics at the Department of Materials Science of the University of Milano Bicocca in Italy. After his PhD in Materials Science, he moved to University College London and London Centre for Nanotechnology (UK) and in 2010 to the Los Alamos National Laboratory, where in 2011 he was awarded with the Los Alamos Director’s Fellowship. His research revolves around physical processes confined at the nanoscale in relation to the composition and nanoarchitecture of organic and inorganic nanostructured materials and their impact on photonic devices (photovoltaic, lighting, sensors, biomedical).

Francesco Meinardi

Chairman Board of Directors

He is Associate Professor of Physics of Matter at the University of Milano-Bicocca. His research activity is focused on the photophysics of organic and hybrid materials for photonic applications. Main research topics deals with: cooperative effects in organic semiconductors, photophysics of conjugated oligomers, host-guest compound, organolanthanides complexes, colloidal nanoparticles and photon managing processes. The main recent achievements concern the up-conversion of the solar radiation by using properly designed plastic multicomponent systems, and the development of a new generation of luminescent solar concentrators for building integrated photovoltaic systems.

Emilio Sassone Corsi


Founder and CEO of Glass to Power, graduated with honors in Physics with specialization in Cybernetics, he has thirty-year experience of management in ICT. His visionary leadership has allowed him to gain significant experience in the field of Research and Innovation in cooperation with research structures and Universities in Italy and Europe implementing innovative projects in ICT, Energy, Environment.
Since 2008 he is founder and CEO of Management Innovation, an innovation consulting and technology scouting firm. In 2015 he founded Green Energy Storage, a startup company based in Trento that develops new energy storage systems.

Stefano Della Puppa


Master Degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Padova. He has more than 25-year experience in the development of polymeric composites and in the design of industrial processes and chemical plants in Italy and abroad.

Angelo Giuliana

NanoFarm Project Manager

Founding shareholder of Glass to Power and Senior Partner of Management. For at least 10 years he has been involved in research projects in the European area and technology transfer. He has worked in various national and international ICT companies.
He has more than 30 years of experience in managing complex international projects and commercial management.

Marina Gemmi

Business Development Specialist

Master in Communication at PNLMeta – Milan, since 2007 she has been working in BiPV oriented renewables.
Her activity consists in translating the designs of Architects and Artistic Directors into active shells and roofs, capable of generating electricity and achieving the goal of “zero energy buildings”.

Alessandra Fiorini

Marketing and Communication

After the studies in Economics and Social Sciences at Bocconi University in Milan, specializing in the sector of Energy Economics, she worked at Edison Spa as part of a dynamic team in the Economic Studies Department. She is currently in charge of the company’s media and social channels and manages the newsletter E2BNews and the commercial and promotional relationships.

Francesco Bruni


He is currently working on polymeric nanocomposites for the development of photovoltaic windows. After his studies in Materials Science at the University of Milano Bicocca, he got a PhD in Science and Nanotechnology of Materials. He developed an international profile, completing his studies at the Imperial College of London and presenting his work with oral contributions in several international conferences.

Chiara Capitani


Graduated in Materials Science at the University of Milan-Bicocca, she deals with the optimization of the synthesis of nanoparticles. Thanks to her thesis activity, she acquired the skills and knowledge necessary to develop and optimize colloidal syntheses of metallic nanoclusters and semiconductor nanocrystals.

Francesca Tana


She graduated in Environmental Chemistry at the University of Milan. Her activity is addressed to the synthesis of nanoparticles, continuing the research carried out during her PhD in Materials Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano and completed at the University of Ottawa in Canada. During the doctoral years she has collaborated with international research groups.

Luca Mariani


Graduated in Chemical Sciences at the University of Milan.
His activity is centered on the synthesis of nanoparticles, thanks to the knowledge acquired during the thesis activity and to the experience developed in the industrial field.

Chiara Piotto


She got her master degree and PhD in physics at the University of Trento, carrying out research in the field of nanostructured materials and participating in various congresses. She deals with both the optimization of synthesis and the production of nanoparticles.

Claudio Castellan


After graduating, he got a PhD in physics from the University of Trento, focusing on the study of integrated silicon optical structures. He adds to his research activity the participation in various international congresses and the organization of scientific and popular events. His activity is mainly focused on the production of silicon nanoparticles.