Glass to Power’s new headquarter in Rovereto

On January 10th Glass to Power’s new headquarter was inaugurated in the Mechatronics Pole of Trentino Sviluppo in Rovereto. The presence of a renowned University, which trains highly qualified technicians and the well-established territorial support system for industrial research were key elements In the choice of founding partners to transfer and grow their business in Trentino. At the beginning of 2018 Glass to Power had in fact presented to the Province the request for a contribution for the NanoFarm project, linked to the development of photovoltaic windows. The request was approved last June, with a loan of 1.1 million euros out of a total of 1.5 million. 

“We are happy- says Sergio Anzelini, president of Trentino Sviluppo – that the Mechatronics Pole was chosen by a virtuous company that well expresses the values ​​that are at the basis of our technological hubs, for its ability to link transversely high mechatronics technologies and green innovation, focusing on the skills of young people trained in the area and using the opportunities offered by the provincial tools to support industrial research. This is the result of teamwork and once again it shows the ability of the Trentino system to successfully propose itself as the ideal territory in which to invest to bring important innovation projects to the market”. 

The CEO of Glass to Power, Emilio Sassone Corsi, is also satisfied: “Trentino – explains Sassone Corsi – offers the best development conditions for an innovative project like ours. Immediately, we were fully supported by the Department of Physics of the University of Trento, specialized among other things in the production of silicon nanoparticles. In addition, we had the immediate interest of the provincial administration that liked project, financing it at 75% of its value “. And so, exactly one year after the first interaction between the Trentino system and the NanoFarm project, everything is ready in via Zeni, in a production space of 400 sqm, to start the research that will increase the production capacity of nanoparticles of Glass to Power, from the current few grams a day to the kilogram and beyond. The impact on employment is important. As of today, 4 new employees have already been hired in Rovereto, among researchers and specialized technicians, who will be 10 by the end of 2019 and will reach 30 at full capacity.

Possible partnerships are in view also for companies in the Trentino glass supply chain. In fact, Trentino Sviluppo has already started to put Glass to Power in touch with companies that produce and build slabs in plastic materials, double-glazing and window frames and could therefore potentially be interested in the innovative technology developed by the company.

Video interview to Emilio Sassone Corsi

Video interview to Sergio Brovelli