Glass to Power towards Dubai

Glass to Power is concluding an important agreement with a financial company in the Emirate of Dubai that will allow the establishment of a mixed company for the development of the market in that part of the world that goes under the name of GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) and that goes from Saudi Arabia to Kuwait, from Qatar to Egypt. It is an area of ​​the world experiencing a huge industrial and building development and Dubai can be considered the center of this evolution, a hub for the entire Arab world.

In less than thirty years a desolate and deserted land has become the center of an extraordinary and overwhelming development and today Dubai is a huge complex of skyscrapers, often completely glazed, that stand up to impressive heights (Burj Khalifa tower is 828m high!). In a few years this part of the world has attracted the best professionals among urban planners, architects, engineers and scientists to develop all this and it is constantly looking for innovative technologies.

Last January, the CEO of Glass to Power Emilio Sassone Corsi was invited to participate in various meetings in Dubai to concretely define the opportunity and the possible agreements to be developed.

If everything goes as planned, by the end of the year Glass to Power will establish a mixed company to develop the business of transparent photovoltaic windows for the entire Arab world. At the beginning, it will be a company for the marketing of products but in a second moment it could lead to an industrial initiative, transferring part of the production activities to Dubai, especially the manufacture of plexiglass, in order to be closer to the area of installation of the final products.

The development of the Arab initiative will also contemplate, as already described in n. 11 of E2B, the participation in DubaiExpo2020 starting from the month of October. We would like to be there, however, not only to exhibit our product in what will be the most important universal exhibition, but also having at least an initial industrial and commercial presence.