Open Innovation for Circularity. an award for Glass to Power

Glass to Power was chosen as a startup with the highest potential for innovation by the Sustainability Committee of American Chamber of Commerce in Italy (Amcham).

Last November, Glass to Power participated in Open Innovation for Circularity, the project promoted by the Sustainability Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce in Italy, which brings together 12 American companies led by Accenture, in collaboration with Cariplo Factory, with the aim of highlighting the value of sustainability of companies in terms of circularity of industrial production. Open Innovation for Circularity has the ambition to foster the innovation of the companies partners of the initiative and at the same time support the growth of startups and SMEs through possible business opportunities with the big players in the market. Over 120 startups and SMEs responded to the call. Among these, Glass to Power was able to best combine a project with a high level of innovation and the key principle of circular economy: a winning business model aimed at reducing the environmental impact of buildings, transforming the windows of houses and offices into transparent photovoltaic panels. Glass to Power will have the opportunity to meet a C-Level of one of the companies of the AmCham Sustainability Committee to evaluate possible business opportunities.