Glass to Power and the last mile

After four years of R&D and engineering activities, we have finally completed the certification process of our transparent photovoltaic windows. It is a very important result that will enable us to start the production and commercialization of our product. We are ready to sign a lot of agreements and partnerships and we are now certain…

Glass to Power and the European Green Deal

Climate change and environmental degradation are a huge threat to Europe and the world. To overcome these challenges, Europe needs a new growth strategy that transforms the Union into a modern, resource-efficient and competitive economy. The European Green Deal is the answer to these challenges. The Green Deal is an integral part of the Commission’s…

Glass to Power’s product certification has been completed

2021 starts with great hope, for Italy and the whole world. The efforts made by scientific research have made it possible to obtain the vaccine, and we all hope that this weapon will allow us to get out of the nightmare we entered a year ago due to the global pandemic.  Also for Glass to…

Vetrai Italiani for Glass to Power

Transparent photovoltaics was the topic covered by Vetrai Italiani’s newsletter released in October. Ample space was dedicated to Glass to Power with a detailed in-depth article (the full version is available here). Vetrai Italiani, a reference network for the world of glass and a sharing tool, is a community born in 2019 as a Facebook…

The new CIS plant in Rovereto

The first industrial plant for the production of CIS nano particles is already in the start-up phase in Rovereto. Recall that the latter are the key players for the conversion of sunlight into infrared radiation within Glass to Power’s photovoltaic double-glazing unit. The design of the plant took place in several stages through careful and…