Glass to Power towards Dubai

Glass to Power is concluding an important agreement with a financial company in the Emirate of Dubai that will allow the establishment of a mixed company for the development of the market in that part of the world that goes under the name of GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) and that goes from Saudi Arabia to…

The new silicon NanoFarm in Rovereto

The NanoFarm project started in November 2018 thanks to the meeting of Glass to Power, the Nanosciences Laboratory of the Department of Physics of the University of Trento and the financing of the Autonomous Province of Trento. The NanoFarm project aims at developing the innovative technology of solar concentrators patented by Glass to Power using…

Plexifarm: a new project for Glass to Power

The construction of the new production platform called PlexiFarm is under way. There the new PMMA slabs will be synthesized in industrial scale, using the nano-particles produced in the NanoFarm site.  The high optical quality of the slab combined with the high quality of dispersion of the nano-particles inside it, will play a role of fundamental…

Power Glass Block: the innovative transparent photovoltaic glass block

A transparent photovoltaic glass block: an idea born in the middle of October 2018 and immediately patented, it was realized only two weeks later, when, at the Ecomondo KeyEnergy Fair in Rimini, the first prototype of Power Glass Block was ready to be presented, arousing the interest of many. The glass block, in fact, is a…

Glass to Power’s new headquarter in Rovereto

On January 10th Glass to Power’s new headquarter was inaugurated in the Mechatronics Pole of Trentino Sviluppo in Rovereto. The presence of a renowned University, which trains highly qualified technicians and the well-established territorial support system for industrial research were key elements In the choice of founding partners to transfer and grow their business in…